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TOP 10 Local Food

Chicken Rice

Singapore’s ‘national’ dish. This delectable dish can be found at almost every dining spot, from humble hawker centres to high-end restaurants.

Chilli Crab

Chilli crab hits all the right spots with tangy gravy that seeps into the succulent flesh of the stir-fried crab.

Fish Head Curry

This spicy dish is a scintillating stew of curry cooked with vegetables and of course, the whole head of a fish.

Fried Carrot Cake

Contrary to its name, there’s nary a tinge of orange in the local fried carrot cake, a flavourful dish that comes in the monochrome colours of black or white.

Fried Kway Teow

Also Known as “Char Kway Teow” in Singapore, this indulgent wok-fried noodle dish has been a popular Singaporean Hawker staple for decades.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

This simple dish of stir-fried noodles boasts a rich prawn stock that keeps fans coming back for more.

Kaya Toast

This simple dish is the ultimate comfort food for those with a sweet tooth, offering the right mix of crunch and sugar rush.


The laksa broth offers the right balance of spice and coconut milk, a distinctive noodle soup that will tickle the tastebuds.

Nasi Lemak

It’s the savoury and creamy rice that carries this dish, with spicy sambal to give it that extra zing.


Dark and sticky, the salad may not look very appealing at first; but tuck into this culinary marvel and you’ll be amazed by the delicious mix of sweet and savoury.

Roti Prata

This Indian specialty is pleasing to the palate and the eye. Watch the prata-maker stretch the dough by slapping and swinging it in one skillful motion.


These grilled meat skewers are bound to delight lovers of street food in Singapore, and are perfect for communal meals.

Where to try them

Singapore is Asia’s food paradise. Step into any food centre and you will be spoilt for choice by the array of cuisines offered.

You’ll find all sorts of Chinese dishes under one roof at Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown: century egg congee, char kway teow (flat rice noodles stir-fried with pork lard and cockles) and the world-famous Hainanese chicken rice from Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice.

If you are seeking vibrant flavours, Malay fare delivers, with use of herbs and spices. For satay (grilled meat on skewers, served with a spicy peanut sauce), try one of the many pushcarts at Satay by the Bay. Hajah Maimunah in Kampong Glam is famous for its nasi padang, white rice served with a choice of meat and vegetable dishes.

Peranakan (Straits Chinese) fare combines both Chinese and Malay flavours. For Peranakan eateries, head to the Katong precinct. Try laksa, a noodle dish with spicy coconut milk-based broth, at 328 Katong Laksa, or hit restaurants like Guan Hoe Soon for good old Peranakan fare.

Can’t decide? Sample everything at places like Newton Food Centre, Lau Pa Sat and Makansutra Glutton’s Bay.

With a spread of dining deals available, there is no better time to visit the Lion City.

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